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Cayman Islands are a group of islands in the Caribbean Sea, located around hundred kilometers away from the coast of Cuba. These islands are a part of the UK`s overseas territories and they cover an area of around three hundred square kilometers. Cayman Islands are consisted of three islands – Cayman Brac, Grand Cayman and Little Cayman. Crystal-clear turquoise waters and wonderful coral reefs have made Cayman Islands a dream destination for scuba divers. Fantastic sandy beaches, beautiful warm weather, excellent restaurants and hotel resorts all make Cayman Islands one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

Cayman Islands Weather

Cayman Islands have a tropical climate and the weather is perfectly nice all year long. The average year-round temperatures range between 25 C and 30 C. October is the month that receives most rainfall, but showers do not last very long. The good location of Cayman Islands in the western Caribbean means that they are well protected from strong hurricanes.

Things to do in the Cayman Islands

There are plenty of nice places to see on Cayman Islands. The Seven Mile Beach is probably the most popular place where most of the top hotel resorts are located. This beach is located on the western side of Grand Cayman and there you will find lots of nice beach bars and other tourist facilities. Besides this popular beach, Pedro St James historic site in the Savannah district on Grand Cayman also attract lots of tourists. Boatswain's Beach is the place to go if you want to see the very nice Turtle Farm, while the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park is a nice location for relaxing.

All three of the Cayman Islands offer great scuba diving opportunities and you will find many top locations for snorkeling. You can go underwater and admire the colorful coral reefs or swim with the stingrays. The best area for doing so is the Stingray City located on Grand Cayman. This is one of the biggest attractions on the Cayman Islands and it all started a few decades ago when the divers started feeding the stingrays with squid. Then the stingrays started to come in large numbers looking for food, so now they visit this region all year round.

On Grand Cayman you will see a few attractive shipwrecks on its shores. On Cayman Brac there are a couple of shipwrecks, one of them being MV Captain Keith Tibbetts, a very long Russian frigate that was deliberately sunk on the Cayman shores back in 1996. The ship is very attractive for the divers who often get in and out of the ship when diving. On Cayman Islands there is one very nice hiking trail called Mastic Trail that goes through the woods in the middle of Grand Cayman. There are guided tours on this trail on which you can enjoy exploring and walking through fantastic scenery. The twenty-meter high Observation Tower on Camana Bay is another interesting place to visit. It offers great panoramic views on the capital George Town and the Seven Mile Beach. East End Lighthouse Park is a good place to go if you want to relax in beautiful nature by the sea.

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