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Peloponnese Resorts

Peloponnese is a beautiful peninsula in the southern part of Greece, which is still largely undiscovered by tourists. It is a place very rich of history; it has beautiful mountains and rivers, charming villages, and lovely beaches.

Although it is often neglected at the expense of the more popular Greek islands, Peloponnese is an exciting region well worth visiting. It is separated from the mainland with the Corinth Canal, and in the area you will find some amazing monuments and remains from the Byzantine Empire. Peloponnese is also the place where the Olympic Games have started and is considered a heart and soul of ancient Greece.

Peloponnese Weather

Peloponnese Peninsula has a great weather throughout the year. Winters are mild and relatively wet, while summers are hot and dry. December and January are the rainiest months; Average summer temperatures are around 30 C, but often reach 40 C due to the heat waves in July and August. Northern part of the peninsula has lower temperatures; western part gets most rainfall, while the eastern part is very dry. Spring and autumn months are very pleasant months for visiting Peloponnese when the average temperatures are in the mid 20s C.

Peloponnese Locations

There are lots of beautiful towns, picturesque villages and amazing landscapes to see in Peloponnese. You can start by visiting the cosmopolitan town of Nafplio. Once a capital of the ancient Greece, it has elegant old streets and lots of historic places to visit. Main square is a place for gathering, relaxing and enjoying beautiful sunsets. Architecture is amazing with lots of traditional blue and white houses. You will definitely enjoy if you visit this really nice, historical town. From Nafplio you can continue your journey towards Epidaurus. This beautiful ancient site is a home of an old amphitheatre, built on a hillside among groves of green trees and dense forest. In the summer you can attend and enjoy watching theatrical performances in this place.

Peloponnese History

Olympia is the birthplace of the first ancient Olympic Games and it also served as a place where political representatives debated about different issues. It is also considered as one of the birthplaces of democracy. Olympia is also hidden inside a very scenic region, and in the center of it are the ruins of the stunning Temple of Zeus. The huge columns you will see here will remind you of how grandiose this temple once was. Mycenae is another historic spot, which once was the place where Agamemnon ruled in the royal palace. The site is located on a hilltop, and you can feel the nostalgia of ancient times when you walk through the massive gates of the palace and walk around in the many twisting paths inside.

Besides these places, there are many more to be seen on Peloponnese Peninsula. Mani region in the center of Peloponnese is also very nice, with many nice little villages and beautiful hills. Areopoli is a charming little place with nice towers and attractive white squares, while Kardhamyli village is a great place with beautiful green scenery and amazing views on the sea. Monemvasia is another town with a great location by the Mediterranean Sea, attracting many tourists in the recent years.

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