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Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort Spa

Thalassotherapy Spas is a Spa Centre at the Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel, which uses sea water in its treatments. Sea water has been widely used for medicinal treatments and relaxing therapies for hundreds of years, and has been widely used in commercial spa treatments for a long time.

Salt water not only possesses many healing properties, but also encourages the production of “happy hormones” in the body, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised after a Thalasso treatment.

The spa centre at the Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel is a Thalasso spa and offers a fabulous selection of treatments and therapies, this is perfect place for you to wind down and indulge in complete relaxation and make your holiday that extra little bit special.

Let yourself completely unwind in the spectacular surroundings and receive treatments from the professionals who work their magic using traditional techniques of relaxation.

Spa Facilities Include:

  • Dynamic Swimming Pool of marine water
  • Massage Cabins
  • Aesthetics and beauty cabins
  • Shower jets
  • Dynamics tubs
  • Treatment rooms for couples
  • Saunas
  • Turkish baths
  • Thai Massages
  • Indonesia Jamululur Therapy
  • Relaxation Room
  • Tea Room
  • Medical Consultation
  • Changing rooms and personal bathroom
  • A La Carte Treatments

The following treatments are available:

Ayurvedics Treatments
These are a new but in the same sense old therapy that connects the body and soul to improve people life quality.

Relaxing, Sports, anti-stress, Swedish. There is a wide range of treatments offering something to suit all.

Treatments that last between 3 - 6 days, each will be medically monitored and measured results.

Aesthetic Treatments
These treatments include, facials, seaweed wraps, manicure, pedicure and waxing as well as many more so you look your picture perfect throughout your holiday.


For those who want to share the Thalasso experience with someone special, you can indulge in these relaxing couples treatments

Treatments include:

Massage (60mins)
This is a choice of massage completely depending on the couples wants and needs.

Yaiza Heaven (80 mins)
This includes a Honeymoon bath and relaxing massage with rose petals.

Princess of Yaiza (120mins)
This consists a Cleopatra Bath and finishes with a relaxing massage.