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Deep Bay is a long, lavish beach with calm waters and soft, white sand. It is the perfect place to spend a relaxing, memorable, and family-friendly beach vacation destination.

Of course, Deep Bay is also fantastic for more than just a good dose of rest and relaxation in the sun, it is also home to some of the best snorkelling on all of Antigua Island, and even the Caribbean. Because of the crystal clear, and beautiful waters, it is also the ideal place to splash around and go swimming.

While the coastline is one of the main draws to Deep Bay, there are also a plethora of hiking trails and nature paths. A lot of these trails and paths lead those adventurous enough to take them along the waterline, and up to the tip of the cape, leading towards some truly memorable and picturesque views of the Ocean, and if you are lucky enough to time it correctly, the most breathtaking sunsets you have ever seen.

Deep Bay is located on the north west coast of Antigua in the northern part of the Five Islands. Because of its easy access, it is highly recommended that even if you are not staying in the direct vicinity of Deep Bay, you take the time out of your scheduled activities and make time for a trip to the Bay.

While this area is not exactly what you would call secluded (as it is a popular destination that is only growing in popularity), it is not one of the most crowded beaches on Antigua, which means tourists can experience a fantastic local beach that has a bit of an attitude and excitement, but without the faults of being over-crowded, or overbearing. This also means that you should always be able to find the perfect place to spread out a beach blanket, plant your beach umbrella and enjoy a day of soaking in the hot, hot sun and relaxing on the soft, white sand.

Deep Bay is only about a 10 min. car ride from a few of the busiest and most popular locations in the North of Antiguan, making it a very accessible location that is well-worth checking out.

What makes the snorkelling in Deep Bay some of the best? There are numerous distinctive features in the area that make the snorkelling so fantastic, however, one of the main ones is the 100 year-old shipwreck that rests in the centre of the bay, making for an amazingly scenic location to check out. Thanks to the shape of the Bay, the water is calmed naturally and is perfect for snorkelling and swimming - making it all so relaxing, and carefree.

While Deep Bay might be a side-trip location for most in the area, it is most definitely one of the best attractions in all of Antigua Island, and well worth taking the time to get to. Whether you book a car service, or catch a fairy, make sure you leave yourself time to kick back, and relax on the beautiful, and scenic beaches of Deep Bay.

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