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Antigua Resorts

Mamora Bay is home to some of Antigua's most beautiful oceanfront views and luxury accommodations. Mamora Bay is located relatively close to English Bay giving you close access to the historical district, the national Park and the southern part of the island. Although Mamora bay doesn't technically connect with the famous English Bay, it does offer its own unique aesthetic when compared to some of the other beautiful bays on the island. With a higher and more sloping coastline as well as more secluded beaches along this bay, the area is a favorite amongst travelers that are interested in receiving some peace and quiet while they're on the island.

Most of Mamora bay isn't dominated by a vast number of resort hotels. Instead there are a number of clubs as well as a number of different villas and luxury accommodations which can all be rented out on a weekly or potentially even monthly basis. This can make Mamora Bay a much more viable option for travelers that are interested in going and spending a long stay vacation in this area. The sun, sand and surf attract a fair number of travelers and with fairly close access to coco beach this is one of the few places on the island for surfers to really enjoy. Although the waves may not get his giant as they would in other parts of the world, Mamora bay is the perfect place where you can learn the basics in clearer warmer waters. Many of the small cottages along the coast feature beautiful views of the beachfront as well as close access to the St. James club.

The St. James club is along the southeastern coast relatively close to the Mamora Bay area. At the St. James club you can enjoy some absolutely beautiful white sand beaches as well as very peaceful shores along the coastline.

Mamora bay offers water sports rentals including nonmotorized sailboats. Guests can take to the Bay and explore the palm tree-lined banks as well as try their hand at sea catamaran adventures in an extremely warm oceans. Mamora Bay is a spot where you can learn the basics of kayaking, sailing and more. The nice part is that the waters of the bay can help you work with your comfort level until eventually you exit the bay and head out into more open waters.

This is an area of the island located close to Barbuda where the late Princess Diana would regularly vacation and count amongst her favorite destinations in the world.

Mamora bay offers a great refuge for diving as well. With access to the reef at many of the clubs like St. James club, you can get out into the water and enjoy snorkeling or diving with a number of beautiful fish.

Those staying in this area can also be provided with access to the many pools at the St. James club. With a tierd pool, a small lounge pool, children's pool and large lap pool you can swim and enjoy almost any type of outdoor relaxation.

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