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Antigua Resorts

Dickenson Bay is known as one of the most secluded and beautiful beaches in Antigua. The area is located relatively close to the Cedar Grove and although it isn't technically the most secluded or private beach Antigua it's perhaps one of the most sought after.

The reason that Sony people go to Dickenson Bay is for its picture postcard perfect white beaches. This is one of the only places in Antigua where you will find the sand quality to be so soft. As a result of this amazing beach set up a number of different large resort hotels have set up along Dickenson Bay.

The largest collection of rooms available on the island are all in this area so you can find plenty of vacation rentals available for almost any length vacation. As well as a number of resorts and cottages this Bay has a beachfront which contains many different restaurants, a boardwalk, water sports rentals and a number of different small bar concessions. Walking up and down this boardwalk on a nice day is an excellent way to introduce yourself to some locals and take in some of the delicacies from this area. You can find some of the freshest seafood along the beach and a number of different vendors who will make the process of souvenir shopping much easier for travelers. If you have caught the shopping bug but you don't want to sacrifice the beach, this coast along Antigua can be a great place to frolic in the water and then enjoy some time at the shops.

Another interesting aspect of staying near Dickenson Bay is the chance to explore the one-mile long coral reef. Many dive shops are located along the beach and you can rent a variety of equipment for snorkeling or scuba diving. Just off the coast of the Bay this one-mile long coral reef generates a lot of dive traffic and contains many different species of fish and coral. If you are an avid diver staying in this area could be a great way that you could remain very close to some beautiful diving opportunities.

As well as the diving this is a great place where you can go out on a short sailing cruise or guided tour. There are a number of uninhabited islands which are fairly small and dotted along the reef area. Several tour operators can actually plan out journeys in which you can explore some of these islands and perhaps even enjoy a picnic lunch throughout Dickenson Bay and its islands.

Don't forget about the settlement at Cedar Grove which is located towards the northern point of the island. This spot can be a fun village where you can go to sample some of the local foods and experience the culture fully. In a short day trip from the resort you can really start to enjoy all of the beauty that Antigua has to offer. At Dickenson Bay you get balance accommodations on one of the most beautiful beaches with close access to many of the Northern attractions.

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