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Antigua Resorts

Long Island is otherwise known as Jumby Bay in Antigua. This beautiful spot in the middle of the West Indies captures the spirit of exploration. As you are delivered on the beach by boat you will feel as though you are an explorer from the early days of sail making your way into a luxury island of accommodations. Jumby Bay is an area that's extremely private and an area that's very well loved by the original people that discovered the spot itself.

The life on the island is extremely rooted in freedom. Many of the people that made their way to this island to begin with were interested in establishing trade routes but ended up staying for the immense pleasure that the island granted them. With plenty of space, beautiful walking trails and crystal clear turquoise waters there is plenty of opportunity to relax here. Jumby Bay is the perfect place for you to go to spend time with friends, to relax and to finally be away from the hustle and bustle of life.

Imagine being able to walk across soft white sands for hours and have the tranquility of the waves lapping at your feet as you lay on the beach. The ocean is relatively common this area and the palm trees provide ample shade.

Long island is about relaxing and tranquility. In some cases there are certain parts of the island were the only thing you can hear is the sea breeze through the palm trees. In such a small resort area you can enjoy midnight swims, luxurious accommodations and A+ service.

On the island there is plenty to do. You can enjoy up to 3 miles of biking and hiking trails along the coast and through the forest of trees, enjoy gigantic 25 m pool or a luxurious infinity pool which is oceanfront. The main resort on the island also has a massive fitness center, tennis court and water sports rental. You can get out on a paddle board, a sailboat, a windsurfing board or try your hand at a whole host of other activities. With a large-scale resort on the island as well as several villas it’s a calm place that even appropriate for children. Many of the resorts offer unique packages that will help kids to learn more with music, art, identifying the local wildlife and more. Older children and teens can also enjoy setting out on nature tours, guided exploration of the forest, cooking classes and building native instruments. Unique programs make this a joyful place to visit for people of all ages.

On the island you can also enjoy a spot which features unique ceiling traditions from the area. With unique bamboo massages and interesting spa treatments that employ ingredients which are grown directly on the island, you can receive spa treatment which is different than anywhere else in the world.

For the ultimate place to relax and to explore a beautiful tropical island, you need to check out Jumby bay island for your next vacation in this area.

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