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One of the largest, and most historic districts in all of Barbados, Christchurch parish is not only an area of historic and political importance, but also one of the most ideal locations for tourists from all over the world to flock to.

Located on the southern end of Barbados Island, Christchurch is the only surviving territory of the original six parishes that were created back in 1629, at least it is by name. The location of Christchurch has changed since Gov. Sir William Tufton created the parishes, but these changes have truly helped the area become one of the most hotly visited tourist destinations in the world. Reaching down and encompassing the south-western coast of Barbados, the area is chalk full of hotels and resorts making it ideal for any kind of traveler or tourist. If you are looking for a more economical hotel to stay in, you will be able to find one that fits your needs. However, if you are looking to go on a lavish beach vacation you will be able to find plenty of luxurious hotels or resorts that cater to delivering wonderfully up-scale and wonderful vacations.

One of the major draws to Christchurch parish are the beaches and the wonderful water-front lifestyle that the beaches can provide. The diverse coastline here is loaded with hotels and resorts with outstanding picturesque waterfront views, as well as a wonderful mix of private and public beaches.

The southern-most tip of the parish is home to some of the most ideal weather and surf conditions for participating in some amazing, and exciting water sports such as kite surfing, boating and surfing. While over to the western side of the parish you will find the ideal location for swimming, snorkelling or scuba diving thanks to the calm, but incredibly beautiful sea.

While the beaches here are perfect for water sports and swimming, they are also the ideal location to kick back, and enjoy soaking in the rays and relaxing under a beach umbrella. However, there are also some hidden benefits to the beaches, as well. There is a long, scenic boardwalk that runs along the southern coast that provides wonderful views, and refreshingly cool breezes. It is also the perfect place to run into other friendly travelers, and get wonderful views of all of the different beaches available to explore.

Christchurch is not just home to many lovely beaches and resorts, but also to a lot of wonderful historic sites and scenes. Located in Christchurch is one of the last remaining mangrove swamps in all of Barbados, the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary. Also located in Christchurch is the Saint Lawrence Gap, which is one of the most heavily tourist populated locations on all of the island. In the Gap are many fantastic taverns, night clubs and bars that are frequented by tourists and locals alike.

With lovely weather nearly 365 days a year, Christchurch is an ideal location to book a vacation any time of the year. No need to worry about what time you can get off, because you will be able to enjoy the beaches and the night life to their fullest at any time.

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