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Located on the picturesque and beautiful southern coast of Barbados, Worthing Beach is a beautiful, white sandy beach that is as close to paradise as you will find.

Worthing Beach will easily make anyone fall in love with it, and turn even the most steadfast fresh-water lover into a sea lover. Even though Worthing Beach has the obvious bonuses of its wonderfully soft, white sand, and crisp, clear blue water, there are many more elements that make it such a lure for tourists and locals, a like.

Just slightly off-shore of the beach, still within easy swimming distance, you will find a fantastic coral reef, which makes snorkelling on Worthing Beach one of the best beaches for water sports and underwater exploration.

Not only does the reef make for a wonderful underwater scene, it also helps make this portion of the water and beach extremely family-friendly. Thanks to the reef, the water on the inside is calm, and perfectly safe for small children, and novice swimmers. Not only does it make for calm water, the water here is also very shallow, ranging anywhere from two to six feet deep.

While the water is shallow, and easy for swimming here, there is a lot of deeper, and more lively water a short walk to the west of the coral reef. No matter where you are on the beach, you will be in the perfect location for spreading out a beach blanket, planting your umbrella in the soft sand and kicking back to prepare for hours of soaking in the sun and filling up on rest and relaxation. So, whether you are looking for some shallow water, perfect for wading in and cooling off with, or some deeper, livelier water, perfect for swimming in, Worthing Beach has a little bit of everything and is sure to please anyone you are travelling with.

Aside from the snorkelling, and relaxing, Worthing Beach also offers some fantastic kayaking expeditions that you can either go on solo trips, or guided expeditions.

Of course, after any long day on the beach, you are going to need to refuel with food and drink. Luckily, Worthing Beach is home to two fantastic beachfront restaurants that serve up food and drink (specifically, some fantastic Caribbean rum drinks.) Though you may want to focus on the rum and beer, the food at these establishments are top-notch, offering some freshly caught fish and other local dishes.

Worthing Beach is the ideal location for those staying in Barbados to visit, and with so many hotels and resorts in the nearby area, there is a little bit of everything being offered up, which means that you and those who you are travelling with can find the right accommodations that are perfect for you.

What makes Worthing Beach such a popular vacation destination is the fact that the weather here is bright, sunny and lovely for nearly 365 days a year, meaning there is no bad time to plan your visit.

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