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Kos Resorts

Located very near to the Turkey coast, Kos Island has grown into the second most popular Greek island when it comes to holiday vacation destinations. The island is also one of the largest, which means that while it is incredibly popular with tourists, it also has many perfect locations for those looking to indulge in a more secluded vacation.

Kos Town

Kos Town, the capital of the island, boasts a lovely blend of both Venetian and Ottoman history, which shows itself in the form of wonderful architecture, as well as other magnificent sights, such as Medieval castles, ancient Agora, as well as the infamous Asklepieion - an ancient healing centre. All of this makes Kos Town one of the most historic, and lovely areas of the entire island to visit. While Kos Town has a rich historic centre, it is also home to many wonderful gastronomic adventures and shopping centres.

Outside Kos Town

Outside of Kos Town, many of the more popular holiday destinations on the island are located around the southern side of the Aegean Sea and includes locations such as Kardamena, and Kefalos. It is in these locations that tourists can soak in the hot, lovely sunshine while taking in some of the best golden beaches and crisp, crystal clear water in all of Greece.

Along the Aegean Sea

All along the Aegean Sea you and anyone you are travelling with will be able to find any kind of vacation you are looking to indulge in, as there are plenty of luxurious hotels, as well as economical ones. A lot of these areas are busy all year round as the weather on Kos Island is supberb all-year round with temperatures hovering around the mid-30s in the summer and can even get as high as the 40s, and in the winter months it hovers around the mid-20s.

Kos Culture

With so much history, and architectural wonder to take in, Kos Island is also home to some absolute brilliant and picturesque natural scenery. One of the best ways to take in the natural beauty here is by setting up shop on one of the wonderful Blue Flag rated beaches planted all around the island. These wonderfully sandy beaches are the perfect place to lay back, and relax in a sun lounger, under a nice big beach umbrella, or to cool off in the crisp, crystal-clear water surrounding the island.

Of course, there are other ways to take advantage of the sea, besides just wading in or enjoying it from the beach. Kos Island is home to some of the best water sports available to tourists in Greece, including many snorkelling ans scuba diving schools. While these adventurous outings require some lessons for people new to the sports, there are other rental options that take no lessons, such as canoeing and even boat tours that take you around the island, sight seeing and basking in the amazing beauty of the island itself.

Whether you are travelling with a group of friends, your family, or just a romantic getaway for two with a loved one, you and your travel companions will find the exact vacation you are looking for on Kos Island

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