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Located about 80 miles off of the coast of Africa, Lanzarote is the furthest east of the Canary Islands, and is also the fourth largest of them all. Because of its more eastern location, the climate on this island differs, if only slightly, from the rest of the Canary Islands, as it is slightly warmer with temperatures averaging around 21 C in the winter and as high as the mid-30s during the summer months.

Lanzarote, like a lot of the other Canary Islands, has volcanic origins. Riding in line with the island's origins, some parts of the beautiful getaway location appear to be otherworldly, or even Martian. A lot of this has to do with volcanic eruptions that happened throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, and thanks to the dry climate there was no much of any erosion, which means those parts of the island look very similar today as they did soon after the eruptions originally occurred.

Sure, volcanic and Martian may not be words normally associated with exotic beach resorts, but do not let that fool you. Lanzarote is chalk full of beautiful beaches covered in white sand such as Playa Blancha, Papagayo and Caleton Blanco. All of which are large and enticing for those looking to spread out a nice, big beach blanket, plant an umbrella and bask in the hot sun. However, for those looking for a slightly more active vacation, the island has you covered just as thoroughly. Active visitors will love the Grade-A surfing available at Famara, or maybe you rather take your shot at wind surfing in Costa Teguise. There is also a world-class sports and athletics training facility located in La Santa Sport.

No matter what you are coming to the island to partake in, you will be pleased when you arrive and see that the local government has thoroughly regulated the style, and to what degree developments can build, which means the beautiful skyline is left clean, and clear. The only exception to the rule being the Grand Hotel in Arrecife, which is a sight to behold all on its own.

Aside from the Grand Hotel Arrecife, Lanzarote is full of villas, apartments, bungalows and other various hotels to accommodate you, your family, friends or even a loved one, comfortably and in pure Canary Island style.

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Thanks to its dry, warm climate, Lanzarote is slowly becoming an incredibly enviable golf destination for golfers from all over the globe. The first course on the island was designed and developed in 1978 and is a championship par 72, 18-hole course. It was designed by John Harris and includes a practice green, driving range, as well as a restaurant and bar. The second course on the island (located a quick 2 min. drive from the resort of Puerto del Carmen) is a 18-hole course designed by Jack Nicholas' former partner, Ron Kirby.

As if world-class golfing is not enough to lure you to Lanzarote, the island is also home to some incredible fishing opportunities as there are plenty of Marlin, Tuna and Sting Rays to be caught.

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