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Cyprus Resorts

The Larnaca Region and the entire east coast of Cyprus has garnered a reputation of being a bit of an insomniac society. A lot of this reputation is earned because of the lively towns (like Ayia Napa) have worked to earn the reputation thanks to their extreme night life hotspots, including strips full of neon signs advertising bars, restaurants and night clubs. Of course all-night parties are part of the region's personality and allure, but that is truly only part of the story. The fact is, there are many parts of Cyprus that are perfect for family vacations, or even just for couples getaway.

Family Freindly Spots

When it comes the family-friendly spots in the Larnaca Region, you need look no further than Nissi Beach, which is located only a couple miles of highway from Ayia Napa. The town boasts an absolutely beautiful and pristine golden beach, which would be more than enough to justify a family to come to Cyprus for their hard-earned vacation, but that is honestly only the beginning. The town is also home to an absolutely check can take water park, and a waterfront promenade that twists and turns and spirals all across the coast. There are also plenty of opportunities to partake in wonderful gastronomic experiences all was still sitting within earshot of the serfs splashing upon the shoreline.


There is also the town of Protaras, which is only another 15 min. down the road from Nissi Beach. This town is absolutely ideal for couples both the young and fresh, and those looking to celebrate an older anniversary. A lot of the accommodations in Protaras look as if they might be from the storybook, as they are vine-wrapped, beautiful older buildings that seem to just beg to have individuals fall in love inside. Here, too, you can partake in some of the finest restaurants and bars as perfect for romantic getaways as they are dinner with the family. This town is also home to some of the most picturesque coastal spots in the entire region, so make sure to pack your camera before heading out on a day trip.

Larnaca Features

While there is no shortage of resorts, hotels and even apartments for rent in the region, Larnaca is also home to some relatively unexplored rocky plains that sprawl out to the horizon and are dotted with picturesque windmills, as well as all kinds of wild flowers, making it an absolute heaven to tour on foot. There is even the opportunity, for those willing to venture that far, to pack a picnic basket and headed out for a lunch under a lemon tree.

Larnaca Night Life

So, while there is undeniably an absolute ton of night life hotspots, and all-night partying going on all over the east coast of Cyprus, and all throughout the Larnaca Region, it is totally unfair to characterize the entire area as one big party coast only suitable for a vacation for young party animals. In fact, a lot of this region is quite, quaint and beautiful, perfect for families and couples alike.

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