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Cyprus Resorts

Pissouri is known for being the third largest village in the Limassol district of Cyprus and is situated nearly halfway between Limassol and Paphos, as it is roughly about 30 km away from each of them, on the South West side of Cyprus.

Two Sides of Pissouri

Pissouri is split into two main parts, which are divided by farmland and beautiful rolling hills. The main section of the town, Piaaouri Village, is located near the sea on the Cape Aspro Ridge and thus sits nearly 150 m above sea level. This section is known more for its administrative use rather than being a tourist destination. However, there are many quaint little taverns and caf├ęs located here, as well as a few cinemas and other entertainment facilities such as an amphitheater is constantly alive with live entertainment. Tourists who enjoy architecture and history will also like to take in some of the wonderful Gothic churches and chapels spread throughout the village.

Pissouri Beaches

Pissouri is also home to some magnificent beaches which will surely entertain any tourist with their availability of water sports or just soaking in the sun and surf.

Pissouri Scuba & Sports

If diving or snorkeling sounds like ventures you would like to partake in, Pissouri has you covered as they have many diving schools and scuba instructors to make sure that you are able to make the most of your time. Aside from water sports, Pissouri is also ideal for those who enjoy walking or cycling as it is loaded with beautiful trails surrounding the village area, and connecting to other parts of Cyprus. Of course, the waters also family-friendly for swimming and splashing around in, not just deep-sea dives and underwater adventures.

Journey around Cyprus

Because Cyprus is a relatively small island, a lot of it's beautiful and majestic old features are easily visited the matter where you stay, but Pissouri tends to be perfectly located to make it easy to access anything could possibly want to see on an island including live entertainment, arts and museums and even archaeological sites. A lot of the archaeological sites are in Cyprus represent also to periods of human evolution and some are even located in visitor centres in and around Pissouri making the perfect or easy access.

Because Pissouri is centrally located, a perfect day trip all staying here is a nice driving tour through the loud, colourful and bustling towns, then winding their way through the majestic, and quiet mountains all the way down to the sun soaked beaches and surf that Cyprus has to offer. The entire time you'll just be soaking in history.

If you prefer to take a walking tour, you can take the Aphrodite's cultural route, which allows you to follow in the footsteps of Aphrodite, who is the goddess of love and beauty as well is the patron of Cyprus. This beautiful walking to her takes you through multiple archaeological sites that explore ancient societies and cults that were dedicated to Aphrodite. This route also branches off in other directions which will lead you to multiple historical sites, museums and other nature trails.

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