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Cyprus Resorts

Tucked away in the south eastern side of Cyprus, just a little bit in land, you will find Paralimni, which is actually home to a lot of those who work in the tourist industries that make Protaras and Ayia Napa flourish.

Though Paralimni is a very old town, very little of its original infrastructure still exists. However, the more you leave the centre of the town, the more you will be engrossed in all of the small town, other timely beauty of the small rectangular homes and their blossoming beautiful gardens. There is even a revival in the town of younger generations looking to build homes that are more picturesque and in line with the old feel of generations past.

Paralimni Shopping

At the centre of Paralimni is a shopping complex that tourists will most definitely want to check out, as well as a small entertainment district that includes quaint little cafés and bars. With the blossoming population the town is seeing, there is also a constant influx of culinary activity, see you and your friends, family or loved one should have no issues finding the right gastronomic adventure to suit you.

Paralimni Countryside

As you venture outside of town, you can lose yourself in that picturesque countryside. The enriched red soil found outside of Paralimni is infamous for growing Cyprus potatoes. It also looks like a scene straight out of classic paintings, as the fields are dotted with windmills that are used to irrigate the surrounding fields, or at least were used. Many of them are now not in use as they being replaced with diesel powered or electric pumps. However, the windmills still given nice touch of classic life here, and surely add to the beauty of the surroundings.

Nearby Paralimni

When visiting Paralimni, you will most likely stay at Protaras, which is an incredibly tourist friendly resort in the municipality.

Paralimni Weather

The great thing about this area is there is never really a bad time to visit. If you are looking for a nice summer getaway, some place to soak in the hot sun and enjoy some nice warm water Paralimni is perfect for you through the months of May all the way to September as temperatures dance around 26°C up until the high 30s for the summer months. Though, even in the depths of winter the temperatures remain around 16 to 18°C on average, meaning it is a perfect escape for winter vacation.

Paralimni Sun and Sea Entertainment

If you are visiting during the summer, one of the more popular activities to partake in the world-class scuba diving and snorkeling that are offered by numerous dive centres and diving schools. However, when it comes to historical sites, a lot of visitors agree that the Church of Profits Elias is an absolute must visit. The the church has an outstandingly beautiful painted ceiling, and picturesque surroundings. Included in the surrounding is a lone tree and in the front where visitors are encouraged to type messages to that part of loved ones. The church is located on top of the hill and requires a lot of steps to reach, but once you are up there you be blessed with a beautiful view of Protaras.

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