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Halkidiki Resorts

One of the oldest, and most time tested and true Greek holiday vacation destinations is Gerakini Beach in Halkidiki. The beach is located deep on the beautiful and scenic bay of Gerakini and is 13 km to the south of Poligiros, which is one of the main city centres in Halkidiki.

Gerakini Beaches

What really makes this glorious beach such a hotspot is not just its warm and inviting water, because (of course) there are many, many places all over Halkidiki that have wonderful beaches with beautiful water. No, what really makes Gerakini pop is the fact that it is plotted on one of the most outlandishly beautiful landscapes. With rolling pine tree-covered hills surrounding the beach, and some trees even reaching their way down to the fringe of the sand, Gerakini is one of the most picturesque and post-card pretty beach sights in all of the Greek islands.

Located at one of the extreme ends of the beach is also an icon of the places long history as there is an abandoned mine. This mine is a throwback to the days of past when the village was just a tiny community made up mostly of mine workers and their immediate families. The village remained mostly a work town until the mid-1960s when the beach started gaining popularity and tourists, as well as locals from nearby towns, started visiting. This is when the area made the full swing into a tourist resort.

Now, the area draws in thousands, and thousands of tourists and travellers looking to make the most of their holidays each and every year. While this area is limited in a lot of what it offers folks staying here when it comes to the wild night life that can be found elsewhere, it does offer outstanding sunbathing and swimming as it is the perfect beach for spreading out a beach blanket, throwing up an umbrella and soaking in the hot rays. There are also a plethora of lovely little restaurants - ranging from the quaint all the way to the lavish - just waiting for travellers to stop in and indulge in their culinary wonders.

Gerakini Accommodation

When it comes to staying in Gerakini, there are also numerous options so that no matter what kind of vacation you and your travel companions are looking for, you will be able to achieve your ideal vacation. Whether you are looking for more economical bungalows, hotels or apartments, or you want to have more of a luxurious stay, you can find it all.

When it comes to deciding when to book your trip to Gerakini, you do not have to worry about the calendar all too much. Because this area is blessed with relatively warm, and wonderful weather 12-months a year you will be sure to find yourself soaking in the sunshine and warm, crisp and clear water no matter when you take the plunge and book your vacation. If the hot, hot heat is what you are looking for, then booking a trip during the summer months when the thermostat usually hovers around the mid-30s and can sometimes reach the low-40s, perfect for the beach.

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