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Santorini is one of the the largest of the Aegean Islands (in the Aegean Sea) located about 200 km off of the southeastern coast of the Greek mainland and has been partially constructed by remnants of old volcanoes.

This island is one of the main chunks of land that creates the Cyclades group of islands which have been crucial through Greek history and culture, and have recently seen a giant boom in travel and tourism thanks to scenic and postcard-like towns and villages such as Pyrgos, Perivolos and the internationally famous Oia.

Santorini History

The island is essentially the remains of numerous, gigantic volcanic eruptions, and that has stayed a theme of the island all throughout its entire history. Santorini is home to one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history as the Minoan eruption (that occurred 3,600 years ago) blew and destroyed the earliest settlements on what was formerly one single island. However, there are a few of these settlements that have been preserved by the volcanic eruptions and are now giant cultural and historic sights of interest and tourism. Some of these settlements have entire town squares, murals and homes preserved, as well as utensils and tools that are thrown about as they were abandoned by the settlers as they fled from the eruption.

In 1956, a major earthquake near Amorgos Island ended up demolishing a lot of the buildings in and around the northern coast of Santorini and led to a lot of the villages being deserted. This tragedy ended up helping spark what has become one of the hottest, and most successful beach vacation destinations in all of Europe. During the re-build process, the governments worked together and built some of the most successful resort towns, as well as rebuilding a lot of previously existing villages and towns to be better suited for travel and tourism.

While a lot of what awaits tourists visiting Santorini Island are absolutely brilliant and picturesque views, especially looking down on the crisp, clear blue sea from high up on the cliffs (with white-washed, blue domed churches in the scene, of course.) However, there are also plenty of wonderful, sandy beaches waiting to be discovered all over the island. Some of the beaches are covered in soft, golden sand, while others are covered in soft dark volcanic sand. Though they may look totally different, they are both equally lovely for throwing down a beach blanket, planting an umbrella into the sand and relaxing in the hot, hot heat all afternoon.

Santorini is also home to a few world-famous wineries and vineyards that make wine based off of the locally indigenous grape (assyrtiko.) The wine that is produced on the island is known for being very, very dry and rather strong, with lots of citrus scents and aromas.

While the food and drink on the island is top-notch, and the scenery is above-and-beyond beautiful, one of the most alluring things about Santorini is the fact that the weather is bright, warm and brilliant all year round, which means the island is always accessible and exciting.

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