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When it comes to the island of Thira there are so many claims to fame, however, one of the most famous and popular claims to fame is that the natural disaster of a volcanic eruption that destroyed the Minoan settlement nearly 3,600 years ago was the inspiration for for the Legend of Atlantis.

At least, the Legend of Atlantis inspiration was one of the most famous claims to fame, until the island took advantage of a natural disaster in the '50s and rebuilt a lot of the villages and towns on their northern coast with travel and tourism in mind, taking full advantage of the brilliant and beautiful natural scenery that is impossible to not be surrounded by when on Thira.

Now, thanks to this making the best of a horrible situation, the island of Thira has become one of the most travelled to destination in all of Greece, and is home to more Blue Flag rated beaches than one could possible visit in one visit.

Thira Beaches

The beaches here range from soft, golden sand all the way to some starkly beautiful dark volcanic sand, and both are equally perfect for hunkering down in one of the sun loungers spread across the beaches here, or under the beach umbrellas and soak in the sun on a relaxing, and carefree beach vacation destination.

Some of the highlights of the island include the amazing views of the brilliantly blue Aegean Sea from high up on the village in the cliffs, Oia, or watching the sun set down between the white-washed churches with blue-dome roofs that are dotted all throughout the island, especially in Oia. Because the island is known for its travel and tourism, there are plenty of hotels and resorts spread all over the place, and with so many accommodation available, you are your travel companions will be able to find the perfect room for you, no matter what kind of vacation you are looking for. There are plenty of economical rooms with brilliant views, as well as the more lavish ones with luxurious amenities and absolute postcard-like views.

Thira Culinary Experiances

When it comes to the culinary adventures available on the island there is nearly no end to the possibilities. While there are a lot of Grade-A restaurants that serve a plethora of international fares, your stay on Thira would not be complete without indulging in some of the local, traditional Greek fare such as Brantada, which is a fish dish, or Melitinia, which is a famous Greek cookie dessert.

Of course, there is no talking about the culinary adventures on Thira without also talking about the brilliant wineries and vineyards that are spread throughout the island. Known for very dry and strong wines, the wineries on the island are some of the best places for adult tourists to spend an afternoon.

Thira is famous for its amazing scenery and is an underrated gastronomic destination, however, what makes the island such a great place to visit is the fact that the island has such fantastic weather all year round, it really does not matter what time of the year you manage to book your vacation.

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