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Italy Resorts

Gulf of Naples is located in the Campania region, in the southwestern part of Italy. This inlet is about fifteen kilometers wide, and on its west side it opens towards the Mediterranean Sea. The city if Naples and city of Pozzuoli are on the north, Sorrentine Peninsula is on its south side, while the beautiful Mount Vesuvius is on east. Gulf of Naples is separated from Gulf of Salerno with the Sorrentine Peninsula. In the Gulf of Salerno you will find the picturesque Amalfi coast, while the islands of Capri, Procida and Ischia are all inside the Gulf of Naples. Gulf of Naples is a major tourist destination with lots of interesting places to see and many historic spots. Most popular historic places to visit in the region are the Roman ruins of Herculaneum and Pompeii, located near the Mount Vesuvius.

Weather in Naples

The climate in the Gulf of Naples is a mix between subtropical and Mediterranean. Summers are dry and hot, while winters are mild. Months between June and September have average temperatures between 26 and 29 C. Cold months between November and March have average temperatures between 4 and 7 C. April, May, September and October are also ideal months for visiting Gulf of Naples when the temperatures are pleasantly warm around 20 C.

Naples History & Culture

In the Gulf of Naples you will find plenty of isles, ancient sites, beautiful villas, hills and isles. Most popular thing to see in the region is the ancient Roman city called Pompeii. The city was completely buried with the eruption of the volcano on Mount Vesuvius at the beginning of the first century. Pompeii was one of the biggest commercial centers of the ancient Romans, with lots of paved streets, temples, brothels, baths and theatres. It was rediscovered back in 16th century and today you can see the ruins of this historic place.


Herculaneum is another historic place to visit. This ancient city was built for pleasure and enjoyment of rulers and wealthy patricians. It was a place full of great villas with stunning views over the Gulf of Naples. The architecture is free and spontaneous and this city is better preserved than Pompeii. Some interesting things to see in Herculaneum are the door moldings and wooden furniture that are still inside ancient houses. There are some fine frescoes on the house walls and beautiful mosaics on the floors. Most attractive mosaics are those in the Casa Dell’Atrio a Mosaico and the statuary and frescoes found in Casa dei Cervi. The latest discovery which can be seen in Herculaneum is the so-called Barca Romana or the Roman Boat. For more historic artifacts and exhibits you should also visit the Naples Archaeological Museum.

Naples Excursions

From Gulf of Naples you can go on numerous trips to attractive places nearby. Sorrento is a nice peaceful resort where you can relax, drink limoncello and enjoy amazing sea views. Island of Capri is also very close, just a short boat ride. There you can explore numerous picturesque villages and admire the beautiful scenery.

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