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Crete Resorts

Crete is one of the greatest Islands in the Mediterranean. It is the largest Greek island, with lots of lovely places and interesting landscapes. The whole island has a unique charm and atmosphere, as well as distinct culture. The northern part of Crete is more populated and mostly known to the tourists. Southern part of Crete is less visited due to the harsher terrain, but it has some very nice villages and hidden coves. The capital city of Crete is Heraklion, which serves as a main point for entrance to the Island. The capital has its own charm and many interesting spots. It is also a home of a great archaeological museum. Heraklion is close to some amazing Minoan historical sites like Phaestos, Ayia Triadha and Knossos further south.

Crete Weather

When it comes to climate, Crete has a perfect weather throughout the year. Summers here are the longest, and you can swim and sunbath starting from April until November. Sometimes there are seasonal winds that have a cooling effect, but the average summer temperatures are around 30 C. August is the warmest month and most visited by the tourists.

Cretes Scenery

Due to its large lands, Crete has many quality vineyards and many local people work in the agriculture. The land is very rich and fertile, which makes Crete one of the rare islands that can survive and fully support itself without solely relying on tourism. However, tourism is a very important branch and it is mainly exploited on the north coast, where there are lots of great beach resorts attracting tourists from all over the world. On the western part of the island are the quieter and less advertised villages and resorts. In the middle of the island there are great high mountains that are still unspoiled by mass tourism.

Western Crete

On the western side of Crete you will find the nice town of Réthymnon, famous for its amazing beach and the beautiful old town. Haniá located on the far west is a very stylish and attractive town, offering great atmosphere. Both Réthymnon and Haniá are designed with distinct influence from the Venetian culture. On the eastern side of Crete you will find the major and one of the most popular resorts called Agios Nikolaos. It is a typical holiday resort with plenty of things to attract the tourists, but it still has kept some of its original character. There you will find numerous sophisticated and exclusive hotels and restaurants. Also on the eastern side is the nice and quiet town of Sitia, which can serve as a nice base for exploring the wider eastern region.

Crete's White Mountains

Crete`s interior is famous for the beautiful White Mountains. They are around couple of thousand meters high, and there you will find some excellent hiking trails. There are many white windmills on the mountains and some parts offer great views on the island.

In general, Crete has everything to offer to the travelers – starting from its rich Minoan history and beautiful palaces, amazing beaches, impressive mountains, fertile and vast valleys, as well as great gastronomy.

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