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Crete Resorts

Located at the end of a rather narrow, winding eastern Crete road nearly 50 km away from the capital city Heraklion, you will find the absolutely astonishing, picturesque city-by-the-sea: Sissi.

While Sissi is tucked away (and some would even call it hidden) it is most definitely worth hunting for. Once you step foot in Sissi you will immediately notice that it is nothing like the other Crete towns that surround it. First off, you will likely notice a distinct lack of the giant packs of tourists flocking around town like you would at other resorts and island destinations. You also will not see the streets loaded with hip bars and swanky nightclubs that usually add to the hectic environment in other places on Crete. Simply put, life in Sissi it is much slower, and calm pace - which is not to say that there is not a lot of fun to be had here.

Sissi Main Road

At first glance, while traveling down Sissi's main road, you may not think much of the city as this main drag is dotted with collection of smaller hotels, as well as a few tourist friendly shops and small little restaurants. However, visitors should not be too discouraged if they are not feeling the love at first sight, cause once you traverse through town and come to the end of the main drag the allure of Sissi will become abundantly clear; you will come face-to-face with the stark, natural beauty the local port has the rich, clear blue sea is laid out in front of you.

Sissi's Natural Beauty

It is here you if you want to stop and take in the evidence of mother nature's incredible power to bear witness to the harbourage, which is created by the sea edging its way in land forming long, but narrow bay into the seaside. The bay is protected by a small stone wall that serves as a wave breaker, and is so deep that a lot of people are left believing that it is actually the mouth of a river, but it, in fact, is not.

Sissi's Culture

While it is easy to think that Sissi rests on its natural beauty to carry its tourism industry - it is truly beautiful enough that it could - this quiet little Crete town has much more to offer. Not just a pretty face, Sissi is home to some outstanding Greek history, as well. For example, down at the harbor there is a pier that looks like an iconic Greek portrait with local fishing boats tied up while fishermen unload their daily catch, and a few local women began cleaning the fish. However, during the Cretan revolution this very spot was actually a very strategic military location perfect for unloading guns and munitions, and this is only one of many beautiful sites that double as history homework. Of course, with all of the fishing going on here, you better believe that there are some absolutely world-class seafood restaurants in town. In fact, a lot of locals even travel to Sissi just for the food.

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