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Majorca Resorts

No Place Like Palma Nova, Majorca

Does an escape to someplace warm and sunny with picturesque beaches sound nice? If wonderful cultural dining experiences and lively music were added does it sound even better. Perhaps throwing in amazing scenery and attractions during these sun splashed days plus a fun, exciting night life to fill the evenings make it sound perfect, then listen close. The destination being sought could very well be a place called Palma Nova, Majorca. To begin this amazing trip however, it is necessary to have a great place to stay, so it is there this dream escapade begins...

The Best Resorts

It just doesn't make sense to leave without knowing where home is going to be on the other end. This destination boast of having not one or two but literally dozens of resorts that offer so much it may be hard to find the motivation to leave or even explore the paradise that now surrounds. Sporting events and activities, dining and dancing, basic to elaborate the resorts at Palma Nova have done it right.

The Breathtaking Views

Waterfalls that seem to be pulled straight from the best romance novels. Tropical gardens that surely are envy of every botanical magazine or caves that entice the imagination (and don't forget those remarkable beaches!) are just some of the scenic wonders that will capture the heart and be a delight to the eyes.

A Dining Dilemma

When speaking of great food, the thoughts of the major American fast food restaurants aren't likely to be the first thing to come to mind. Of course if it is, yes that's right those options are available here too. Still most are thinking of those hidden gems, those little cafe's or quaint restaurants with the best this or that ever...and these are in abundance in this vacation haven. So regardless of the palette, there is a taste to suit everyone.

The Magic of Music

Known for the live music, the variety and flavor of sounds here at Palma Nova, this destination lives up to its reputation. Rock concerts quiet jazz venues and virtually everything in between is offered, and the experience of eating that exquisite meal, with that surreal waterfall in the distance while the notes of laughter and music fill the air make for an experience that could best be described as, well...magical.

Not Quite Time for Bed

Don't call it an early night just yet. Sure the attractions, scenery, dining and music has made it a day, and it all began with that plush room with every amenity available, but it isn't quite over. One of the other reputations that make Palma Nova, Majorca such a wonder can be found after hours. The night life of this island paradise is renown as well, with an atmosphere that is often sexy, sultry and just plain fun, remember that sleeping in is okay, so stay up late.

There wasn't much discussed about the children, but don't worry there are actually countless activities and places designed just for the youngest of kids too! It truly is a once in a lifetime, and those who have found it will often make it a second, or third in a lifetime experience. It is that rare jewel found on earth that has been cultivated, (just enough) to make it one of those places that must be seen in order to be understood and appreciated. There is only one vacation like this one, here at that paradise called Palma Nova.

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