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Zakynthos, also known as Zante, is known to be one of the most outstandingly beautiful (and popular) islands in the Ionian Sea. Situated just south of Kefalonia, Zakynthos has recently become world-famous for its pristine beaches with crystal clear water and intense, and wild night life. All of this makes Zakynthnos an absolute hot spot for young and hip travellers looking for an outstanding beach vacation destination.

Zakynthos Culture

For a place that is infamous for its beaches and parties, you will for sure want to check out the most famous beach on the entire island: Navagio Beach. Blessed with soft, golden sand, as well as crisp, clear, and warm blue waters Navagio Beach is the perfect destination to spread out a beach blanket, or sun lounger, plant a beach umbrella into the soft, golden sand and spend the afternoon soaking in the warm, Greek sun before cooling off with a dip into the warm, blue surf. Navagio is also well known for its scenic boat tours, where tourists can travel and take in a breathtaking tour of the Blue Caves.

Loaded with think fields of vegetation, Zakynthos is known for its wealth of olives, vineyards and citrus. The high level of agriculture and natural beauty all lead to it also being the perfect destination for those looking to soak in some wonderfully, picturesque natural scenes and sights. The climate also leads to a plethora of unspoiled natural spots which breed the perfect environment for visitors to grab a look at some endangered species, such as the sea turtle Caretta Caretta, which flock to Zakynthos during their reproduction period. There are also the monk seals that come to the island to give birth.

Zakynthos Accommodation

When looking to book a trip to the beautiful, but lively Zakynthos you will have nearly no end of hotels, and resorts to choose from, which means that no matter who you travel with, whether it is a group of friends, your entire family, or even just a romantic vacation for two, you are going to be able to have the vacation you want.

With the immense growth of popularity of Zakynthos, there have been more, and more wonderful culinary wonders popping up, and now the destination is a true gastronomic wonder.

Off of the island, and outside of the wonderful nature, visitors can soak in the heavily Venetian-influenced history and culture the area to offer. With lots of beautiful and elegant musical traditions, as well as many spectacular examples of Venetian architecture to explore, Zakynthos Town might be on of the more rich, well-rounded experiences you can have.

When it comes to planning your trip to Zakythos Town, you do not really need to worry too much about what time of the year you are able to visit. While there is a little more rain in this area (leading to the lush and wonderful vegetation and natural beauty) the temperature stays lovely and warm nearly all year round. While the summers are warm and range from from the 30s towards the 40s, the winter months are still quiet lovely and perfect for exploring everything Zakynthos has to offer.

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