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Whether you are strolling down the infamous boardwalk, soaking in the sun on the world-famous beautiful sandy beach, or even scoping out a deal in the shopaholics haven that is Abbot Kinney Boulevard, it is easy to see that Venice Beach, California, has absolutely everything to offer when you are looking for a beach resort vacation. With all of the unique and fantastic mix of adventure, activities and attractions, it truly is no wonder why the Venice of America has been a booming tourist destination for some time now.

Venice Beach History

Founded in 1905 by the land developer the town's main boulevard is named after, Abbot Kinney, the beachfront resort town, the Venice of America was supposed to be a cultural mecca from the get go. However, that idea was put aside in order to make for a place that was accommodating to the public, and the Venice of America quickly changed to the Coney Island Pacific, the change came complete with an amusement park-like pier, and even a miniature steam railroad. Though, system of canals and imported gondolas and gondoliers were still implemented to mimic the towns of Italian namesake.

Kinney thought that he needed to abandon the idea of being a cultural mecca in order to make Venice Beach more accessible to the public, however, today it would seem that both of his visions have come true. Venice Beach has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Los Angeles, and this even includes local Los Angeles residents traveling all throughout the city to visit Venice Beach. In fact, many Californians traveled to the area in the summer, like those from around the United States, North America and even the world.

Venice Beach Attractions

Venice Beach first staked its claim as an important cultural icon in California during the Beat generation when hundreds of poets and artists flock to Venice training it into a cultural center on the West Coast. To this day back cultural center exists, and has nurtured a wonderfully friendly tourist environment. So, whether you want to soak in the hot California sun, relax on the warm sandy beaches, or shop in some of the unique shopping experiences, Venice Beach can offer you at all.

Because of its unique cultural history, Venice Beach is also home to some of the most sophisticated nights out absorbing fantastic arts and live music. It is truly no surprise that Venice Beach is one of Los Angeles' favorite neighborhoods.

Of course, the most infamous site to be seen in Venice Beach is the beach itself. The beach spreads have for over 75 miles and includes a handful of famous surf spots. Though, it is possible that the boardwalk on Venice Beach is enough to steal the thunder from the beautiful, picturesque Pacific ocean.

Venice Beach Boardwalk

The Boardwalk stretches out from the front steps of the Hotel Erwin, and stretches on to become one of the best places in all of Los Angeles take in some quality people watching, as the boardwalk is filled with colorful, and dramatic locals, as well as visitors from every corner of the globe.

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