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Kefalonia Resorts

Kefalonia is the biggest island in the Ionian Sea, located between Zakynthos and Lefkada. It has around fifty thousand inhabitants who mostly live in the capital city and main port of the island – Argostoli.

Kefalonia is a mountainous island, and the highest mountain on the island is the Mount Ainos with over 1600 meters in height. This mountain is unique for its forest specie Abies Kefallia which grows only on this mountain and nowhere else. It is also a national park with a scenic landscape and lots of hiking trails. Besides mountains, Kefalonia is full of clean rivers and nice lakes, thick green forests, caves, as well as lots of beautiful beaches. Due to its rich nature Kefalonia was dominated by lots of different civilizations in the past, including the Venetian, Byzantine, Ottoman and British Empire. All of the cultures have left their mark on the Kefalonian architecture.

Kefalonia Weather

Kefalonia has a mild climate, typical for the Mediterranean islands. Winters are rainy, but not very cold and summers are hot. All Ionian Islands take lots of rainfall during the winter months, and that is why you will see very rich vegetation and thick green forests. Month of July is the hottest with average temperatures of about 26 C, while January is the coldest month with average temperatures of 9 C. December receives most rainfall, while in August the sea temperature is the warmest with average 26 C.

Kefalonia Gulfs, Caves, Hot Springs and Two Peninsulas

Kefalonia has plenty of gulfs, caves, hot springs and two peninsulas – Erissos and Paliki. Apart from the attractive town of Argostoli, you will find plenty of picturesque fishing villages and charming towns all around Kefalonia. The beautiful village of Fiscardo is worth a visit as it is the only village left intact by the massive earthquake six decades ago. It has lots of neoclassical monuments and buildings. There you will see many beautiful mansions with stylish terraces and balconies, and other colorful buildings. At the foot of Mount Ainos you will find numerous vineyards that produce the tasty local Robola wine that you should definitely try. If you love diving then you will be surprised by the rich marine life around Kefalonia. The rare sea turtles called ‘carreta carreta’ can be seen in the Kefalonian waters, as well as the Mediterranean monk seals called ‘monachus monachus’.


Capital city of Argostoli should definitely be visited, as there are plenty of things to see and do. It is full of all kinds of entertainment – there are numerous shops, bars, clubs, restaurants and beaches. The town is built in old Venetian style, and the old town with its Cyclopean walls is especially beautiful. Archaeological Museum is a good place to visit where you can see lots of artifacts from the island. Cave lake of Melissani is another very popular place to see on Kefalonia. Its scenery, beautiful nature and stunning views make this place very impressive. You will feel very relaxed and calm while looking on the shiny blue waters beside the green nature.

These are just a few of the plenty beautiful places that Kefalonia has to offer. Explore this charming gem in the Mediterranean and you will not be disappointed.

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